L.A. Noire

I worked for 3 years on the Rockstar Games title L.A. Noire. I worked on a number of different aspects of the game, and was a great project to be a part of. 
Roads & Environment Team 1.5 years, and Cinematics & Layout 1.5 years
In the environment team, I worked on initial population of building and roads, working to old maps and original layout of 1940's Los Angeles. Planning, modeling and texturing final terrains in Maya. Set-dressing and navmesh creation in custom editors. Optimization work on buildings.
In the roads team I would maintain modular libraries and create assets for use with proprietary modular spline systems, fences/roads and the like. I was also responsible for communicating with vehicle AI programmers, helping troubleshoot their code with our road network in editor.

Cinematics & Layout
In the cinematics team I would also perform a number of duties. We worked with motion capture data and Motionscan head performance capture. These 2 performances were merged together in Autodesk Motionbuilder. 
Cinematography work was done by our team with the help of a local and Rockstar DOP. This was a fantastic experience and I levelled up heaps learning from some great and talented people.
We were also responsible for optimizing data and getting the cinematics working on console, attaching particle effects and vehicles etc through custom tools in Motionbuilder.
We also had to prepare and document data for working with outsourcing.
Below is an example of one of the cinematics I worked heavily on. This was one of many I worked on.

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