Goblin Surgeon

This character project was to improve in character design and add more narrative to my projects. The character is a goblin surgeon. I was imagining it as a more sinister, adult version of goblin designs that I love like Brian Froud. Not quite there yet, but that was the attempted direction.

I learnt a lot about Vray and Arnold renderers in this project, and upped my skills a lot especially in subsurface skin rendering with displacement.

I still want to revisit this one day to do a detailed environment, with him doing his work in his secret operating theater. 

This first render is my favorite one. The Vray render, crisper thinner hair and lighting in this version of the project I think works the best. Though in hindsight I think I overdid the film effects.
For this render I converted the project over to Arnold. Also trialing thicker hair with more volume.
Different lighting looks and tests
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